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Information for End- and Business Customers

Duration of delivery within Germany:

Standard delivery: the delivery time within Germany lies within 2-3 working days after the receipt of your complete and correct order.
Clothing will be made on demand, thus the delivery takes about 15 working days within Germany.
In case of a collective purchase order: delivery time will be given in the final offer.
At cost: pecial products, like lighters and Powerbanks, require special delivery.
When ordering such products, you will be informed in the checkout process and contected the next working day.

 The delivery time to countries other than Germany might take longer depending, please ask us in advance.

The service is provided in Essen, Germany.


Standard shipping costs up to 20 kg*:

Belgium 16,90 €
Germany 5,90 €
Denmark 19,90 €
Finnland 17,90 €
France 17,90 €
Italy 17,90 €
Netherlands 15,90 €
Norway 45,90 €
Austria 15,90 €
Poland 17,90 €
Russia 94,90 €
Sweden 17,90 €
Switzerland 45,90 €
Slovakia 19,90 €
Slowenia 19,90 €
Spain 19,90 €
South Africa 94,90 €
Czech Republic 17,90 €
Turkey 94,90 €
Hungary 19,90 €
United Arab Emirates 94,90 €
United Kingdom 19,90 €
China 94,90 €

Further international delivery on request:

 *Please note that the shipping costs will increase with higher order volume.


The costs for returns will only be reimbursed, when it involves a faulty delivery on our parts.

In this case we will send you a return label.

Please also note that we will not accept carriage forward deliveries.

Private customer or Distribution?

Bitte wählen Sie aus, ob Sie als BASF Mitarbeiter / Händler bestellen, oder als Kunde / Privatperson Ihre Bestellung platzieren möchten.s