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How can I register in the BASF Coatings PromoShop?
Click on "REGISTER" at the top right and complete at least the required fields in the following step. Once you click on the "register" button you will be forwarded to your user account. Here you can edit your details at any time.
I forgot my password, how can I have it resetted?
Click on "LOGIN" at the top right and thereafter on "Forgot password?" below the field, where you would enter your password. In the next step you will need to enter the email address you registered with and to click on "Submit". In just a moment you will receive an email including a link to reset your password, after you set your new password. You will be forwarded to the login screen, where you will be able to log in with the new data.
How can I change my address?
If your account already had an initial address, this address served as billing and shipping address. Thus, changing one address would also change the other. Instead, please add a new address and determine, whether it is supposed to be your billing or shipping address.
How can I add a new address?
Log in and you will see your address book as well as the "New address" or "Manage addresses" button in your dashboard. Click on the button and a screen to enter the new address appears. Complete at least the required fields of the form, save the address and it is available in your next ordering process. If you check one of the boxes below, the standard shipping or belling address (according to which box you checked) will be replaced by the new address.
What is a collective purchase order and how does it work?
A collective purchase order collects all the orders you placed during one day. For example, if you need to place different orders for different locations, which shall all be shipped to a central address, we can collect all the orders you placed on the same day and reduce your overall shipping costs. You need to click on "Preorder now & request an offer" at the end of each ordering process. The following working day you will receive our offer including the actual shipping and handling costs. Once you accept the offer we will pack and ship your order according to the details given in the different orders you placed the day before.
How can I increase my budget?
Each employee with a budget has someone manage his/her budget. When the budget shall be increased (or decreased), the budget manager needs to inform Mr. Aga ( via Email. Following shall be provided: • Subject: Budget change • User’s first and last name, whose budget needs to be changed • Whether to increase or decrease the budget • By which amount the budget shall be in-/decreased
How can I request other products?
You need products for a fair, an event or country specific promotions, or you are looking for a premium product, but you cannot find the required product in the BASF Coatings PromoShop. No problem – simply click on “Request product” on the top right and complete the form. Please describe below “Product” as detailed as possible what sort of product you have in mind. Enter the amount you will probably need below “Amount” and give us the information, at which date you need the product to be delivered. Your request will be processed the next working day and one of our employees will contact you within the next 1-3 working days.
What does the shipping method ‘At cost’ mean?
If you have products in your shopping cart, for which we cannot calculate the shipping cost in the ordering process, the shipping method “At cost” appears in the ordering process. Please choose this shipping method and continue. At the end of the ordering process you need to click on "Preorder now & request an offer". The following working day you will receive our offer including the actual shipping and handling costs. Once you accept the offer we will pack and ship your order accordingly. Such products are for example lighters, Powerbanks, or products whose minimum order quantity needs to be met.
Private customer or Distribution?

Bitte wählen Sie aus, ob Sie als BASF Mitarbeiter / Händler bestellen, oder als Kunde / Privatperson Ihre Bestellung platzieren möchten.s